BC Paddlesport Leader Award

The Paddlesport Leader Award is the latest addition to British Canoeing’s existing leadership qualifications and will specifically be aimed at people leading others in a sheltered water environment, such as canals, ungraded sections of rivers, estuaries, small lakes and lochs. 

More information:

The award is ideal for clubs, centres and activity providers wanting to introduce others to the water and enable new volunteers to lead a variety of craft on a journey.

The Paddlesport Leader award is designed to support leaders to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips based on their group’s need and aspirations. 

Benefits of the new award include:

  • No formal training requirements, with a direct entry assessment available
  • The Leader only needs to be skilful in one type of craft but able to lead a mixed fleet
  • A one day First Aid and British Canoeing membership are the only prerequisites

Please get in touch if you're interested and want to discuss dates