White Water Safety & Rescue (WWSR)

A 2 day course which is a must for all paddlers who paddle white water.

More information:

The main drive of the course is preventions, however, it will include solutions has well.

This practical based training allows you to apply new techniques and explore their limitations with a watchful eye to keep you safe. Remember train hard fight easy

We will cover:

  • Paddling gear and safety equipment
  • Safe leadership and protocols
  • Safe and aggressive swimming / self rescue
  • Shout, reach and throw bag rescues
  • Use of a harness
  • Attaching to anchors, belays and simple vector pulls
  • Live bait rescue techniques
  • Boat to swimmer techniques
  • Kit retrival
  • Foot entrapment rescue techniques
  • Scenarios

Experience needed: grade 2 paddler.

Please get in touch if you're interested and want to discuss dates