Formerly known as the 4 Star Canoe award, this 2 day course will fine tune your personal skills on grade 2 water and ensure that you are effective with dealing with wind on open water.

More information:

It's also a qualification which will enable you to lead groups safely in these environments.

We will cover:

  • River reading skills
  • Forward paddling on rapids, change of pace and accuracy
  • Selection of forward paddling strokes on open water
  • Strategies for dealing with wind (up to force 4)
  • Improvised sailing techniques
  • Breaking in/out
  • Ferry gliding
  • Using features like small waves and stoppers
  • Being an effective team leader and team member in rescues/
  • Application of leadership
  • Leadership strategies, judgement and decision making
  • Safety awareness and risk management
  • Group control and management
  • Hypothermia/first aid
  • Access
  • Environment
  • Planning
  • Water features/hazards

4 Star Canoe Syllabusprinter freindly pdf document

Please get in touch if you're interested and want to discuss dates