BC Kayak Leader Assessment Moderate Water

We understand that assessments can be very stressful, so we aim to make them has painless as we can, by being relaxed and approachable. The BC Kayak Leader was formerly known as the 4 Star Kayak award.

More information:

Rest assured we do not try to catch you out and we know the level of each of the awards intimately – so no horror stories!!

We consider all assessments to be further learning and whilst giving you a fair assessment conducted in a professional manner, we hope you go away with lots of new ideas and ways to progress with your paddling further.

Before booking make sure you have the necessary pre-requisites including registering with an LR form with your Home Nation (Canoe England, Canoe Wales, SCA, CANI, BCUNA) Candidates should allow two weeks to complete the registration process. Click here for more information.

Remember with all Leader assessments your logbook is an integral part of your assessment.


29-10-2018 9:00 am - 30-10-2018 5:00 pm
Getafix HQ
Getafix HQ
Tyn yr Ardd, Carrog


£185.00 8