REC Advanced First Aid Training

The advanced 2 day REC course aims to make candidates competent and confident in the basic principles of first aid whilst also introducing more advanced casualty management with a focus on remote first aid.

More information:

The course is taught using demonstration, multimedia, practicals and discussion. It is intensive but using REC’s philosophy of teaching it also is a lot of fun. The first day will also include an evening, very real life scenario, set up for the candidates using advanced equipment.

This course is ideal for candidates who are looking for something that provides more than just your basics. Great for people who repetitively complete first aid courses for work and play or for those who like that added extra information on all subjects.

Pre-requisites : 2 day REC Emergency first aid course

Outline of syllabus:

Day 1

  • Revision of ABCDE
  • Learning and assessment by triad guided scenarios.
  • CPR using bag-valve-mask and AED
  • Vital Signs including blood pressure monitoring, pulse oximetry, auscultation etc.
  • Airway management, airway adjuncts.
  • Practice
  • Awareness of oxygen and entonox usage
  • Evening Group Scenario

Day 2

  • Recap Day 1
  • Shock
  • Chest Injuries
  • In-depth head to toe examination
  • Scenarios and debrief on the pros and cons of equipment
  • Immobilisation fractures using equipment and improvisation.
  • Spinal Injuries and intro to hard collars, spinal boards and stretchers

This intensive 2 day course will equip you to deal confidently with an ill or injured person for a prolonged amount of time. The emphasis of this course is based around vital signs and their accurate documentation, which is the human meter for how well a person is. With this information the first aider is therefore able to assess their casualty competently and be able to react according to the casualties needs.

You will not be a medic after the 2 days, however you should be able to handle a casualty responding to their needs and improvising if necessary, rather than just acting out learnt techniques.


09-12-2017 9:00 am - 10-12-2017 5:00 pm
Coed Llandegla
Coed Llandegla
Ruthin Road