We offer a range of British Canoeing (BC) Qualifications

The all new Personal Performance Awards from British Canoeing suit Getafix down to the ground... some proper skill progressions replace the previous 2-day 'quick qual' of star awards, and even better, leadership is separated out so advanced personal skills can be pursued for their own sake. This comprehensive scheme is designed to support and improve your paddling, whichever level you're at and we are perfectly placed to take you through the levels. 

Each award is designed to build on your skills and help progress you to greatness. The awards are direct entry and are ideal if you are looking to improve your personal paddling and for those hoping to further equip themselves for other British Canoeing pathways.

Award level: learn how to handle your chosen craft. 

Progressive Award: for the intermediate canoeist/kayaker to start to really refine your paddling. Introduction to White Water in some North Wales's finest rivers.

Advanced Award: Take it to the next level! Our coaches are top-qualified, top-quality and will take you as far as you can go.

With 2-Day or week long courses, we have something to suit your personal pathway. 

British Canoeing Moderate Water and Advanced Water Leadership Awards.

Providing key safety and rescue skills required to operate safely in a variety of water environments.

The British Canoeing SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard) courses are designed for coaches looking to gain more knowledge in this paddlesport, introducing the discipline’s fundamental techniques.