East Greenland by Sea Kayak - Arctic Exploration in the footsteps of the greats

About 15 years ago Leo went on an unsupported 2-man expedition in the footsteps of Gino Watkins, the man who brought kayaking as we know it to the rest of the world. Gino was an eccentric British explorer, contemporary of Shackleton, who lived among the Inuit people in Ammassalik. They taught him to roll his boat (quickly in the Arctic water!) and lots of the modern techniques we still teach. Now Leo will be celebrating Getafix's 10th year by leading a small group sea kayaking in the Arctic fjords, along with his old colleague and friend Roope Roine who has vast experience of exploring this area.

You will - if you chose to join us on this amazing adventure - meet us in Reykjavik, where we'll all have a night in a lovely hotel. In the morning we will take a small plane to the island of Kulusuk. This is essentially a landing strip surrounded by ice, from where we'll be taken by speed boat and dropped with our sea kayaks and expedition equipment in the Sermiligaaq fjord. We will have everything with us we need to survive for 7 days on the water, and we start paddling that afternoon.

There is of course a certain degree of unpredictability, which comes with the territory of Arctic exploration. We will aim to paddle approx. 15-20 kilometres a day; it’s worth remembering that there are 18 hours of daylight at that time of year! At the end of our 7 days exploring the ice and sea we'll use the SatPhone to call the high-speed boat to our location. From there we go straight to Ammassalik, which is the only Inuit community for 3,000km (pop. 1,800). There will be another night in a hotel, and a visit to the wonderful museum there before we take a helicopter back to Kulusuk.

This will be a true adventure, exploring one of the planets most incredible landscapes: we hope to see polar bears, whales, narwhals, seals, arctic foxes, glaciers, icebergs and the aurora borealis. The pictures on this page are some of the many Leo took on his trip so make sure you bring your camera - this is some place!


  • Guiding and coaching
  • Good food
  • Two nights high-end accommodation (Reykjavik and Ammasalik) and the rest under canvas
  • All specialist equipment
  • Internal transfers and pick ups in Greenland, including boat transfers and helicopter
  • A few surprises, unique to Ammasalik and Reassuringly Getafix.


Staff: Leo and Roope


Greenland by Sea Kayak

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