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Whitewater Rescue Technician WRT-Pro

This course is designed specifically for boaters, river guides and others who work or play on or around flowing water. Students will benefit from this intensive, hands-on course and will learn to use techniques and simple equipment to assess and perform river rescues.

This course focuses on real problems that students may face. The emphasis is on speedy, low-tech, and improvised rescue techniques that are effective and require minimal equipment.

We cover:

  • Hydrology and water dynamics
  • Introduction to technical rescue equipment
  • Hazard identification & risk assessment
  • Introduction to rope systems
  • Swimming in moving water
  • Medical considerations
  • Foot and body entrapments
  • Scene management
  • Contact and in-water rescues
  • Two and Four point boat and rope system
  • Crossing techniques
  • Boat pins and entrapments

Experience needed:

  • Confident swimming in moving water
  • River / whitewater experience recommended

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