With a degree in Wildlife Conservation and her love for all things wild, Honesty (or H as we know her) couldn’t help but impress us at Getafix when we met her in 2015.

She says that having travelled extensively (and living and working in Mexico) just about prepared her for the adventure that is working with Anna and Leo. With a dream of one day being a Wildlife Expedition Guide, H is working her way up to Mountain Leader and is well on the way to becoming a PADI Divemaster, having completed her Rescue Diver in New Zealand, December 2016.

H is the busiest person we know: despite working super-hard in our office, H is a budding triathlete who enjoys everything in North Wales from climbing to wild swimming, and even finds time to walk the Getafix dog and entertain the kids.

H loves a busy life and thrives off the adventure that is Getafix and living in North Wales but she will always find time to pander to her creative side in one way or another, and we’re trying our best to keep her so busy she doesn’t notice the wanderlust creeping back in (don’t tell her!).