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I first met Pete when I assessed him for his BCU Five Star Award in Syphon Canyon, Soča, Slovenia when he was 21. He impressed me then as being one of the hottest prospects for both his own paddling and on how solid he was as a leader.

Since then he has finished his degree in Outdoor Ed., had a stint at PYB and lectured at The University of Central Lancs. He has developed into a fantastic coach, leader and educator, and we are proud to have Pete as a central part of the Getafix team. He delivers courses consistently to the highest standard, and has become a specialist and highly experienced Level 5 kayak coach.

When he's not with us Pete is hanging out in all sorts of weird places as a fantastic camera man, with his own specialist production company Multi-Tool Media.

Pete is also a Welsh speaker, meaning we are in the unique position of being able to offer most of our paddling course and programs in Cymraeg if requested.