I was looking for a white water safety and rescue course because i had dislocated my shoulder the year before and I had wondered "what if?".

I knew Leo could provide the course and based on the previous training and assessments that Leo had done for me I approched him. The process had started to become a more safety aware paddler, safety for me, my friends and also a piece of mind for my girl friend!

I arranged the course with Leo for Jan. My friends and I met up with Leo and we ran the River Alwen. This was really good and we looked at river leadership and bank rescues. The evening covered entrapments and communication.

On the second day we met at the River Treweryn and did lots of swimming and even more rescues.

On reflection we all learnt lots and all agree that this was to do with how the course was put together and delivered, which was nothing short of brilliant! Since then we all have been to Leo for Level 3s, 5*s and First Aid courses. Thanks for the good time and we will all see soon.